Although this website is associated with mobile gaming, it is not a casino or a mobile casino, it is a review site and a mobile gambling guide that aims to provide mobile players in the UK with all what they need in order to enjoy a safe and a fun mobile gaming experience. We also offer some slots that can be enjoyed for fun. Despite the fact that it is not a casino, the website is still very caring towards its readers and that it is why it urges them to be responsible as they place real wagers anywhere online or through their mobiles.

This is why we advise all of our readers and followers from the UK and from around the world to understand that gambling through a casino app or a mobile slot needs strict management of their time and their money. This is because without such management, players will start losing track of time while gambling and they may lose more than they can afford. Another thing that players have to understand is that they should never rely on gambling to be their source of income, they should review gambling as a way to have fun and maybe win a few bucks, but never the sole source of income. Players should also set a gambling budget that they can afford losing and stick to it, if they go through the entire budget, they should never start taking money from somewhere else to make up for the losses

Players who feel that they are starting to engage in an addictive pattern in gambling should always practice self-exclusion, it is the best way to deal with a gambling problem. Once players feel that they are spending too much time without notching or starting to lost more money than the set budget, they should leave the mobile slot or the casino app immediately. This is where self-exclusion becomes useful. All well reputed casino apps and mobile slot apps that are gambling responsible will allow players to ask for their accounts to be locked. Casino apps may allow players to lock their account for a day, 2 days, a week and up to 6 months. Some casinos will also allow players to permanently lock their accounts.

Another way through which mobile casino slots allow players to control their gambling is by setting deposit limits. These limits are set by players prior to their gambling experience. This way, in the heat of the moment if they try to make huge deposits, the casino will prevent it. In some cases, these limits can be adjusted or even removed.

We also advise parents to understand that they have to keep their mobile, tablets and laptops away from their children if they are under 18 years old because they can use it to access these casino apps and place real money bets.

Players who are looking for further information regarding gambling responsibility should view these reputable UK gambling help websites: